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Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living.

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Things I forgot to tell you:

That I love you, and that when I awake in the morning I use my intelligence to discover more ways of appreciating you.

That when June comes back she will love you more because I have loved you. There are new leaves on the tip and climax of your already overrich head.

That I love you.
That I love you.
That I love you.

I have become an idiot like Gertrude Stein. That’s what love does to intelligent women. They cannot write letters anymore.

Anaïs Nin, A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller, 1932-1953  (via ohdreaming)

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I had to find something to be grateful for every day, learn to be my own best friend, and seek to understand rather than to be understood.

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